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In Boca Raton, where Palmetto Park Drive meets the ocean, there is a small town beach called South Beach Pavilion. There is a circular parking lot with muni meters so you can stay for only one hour. Although this may seem too short for many people, it works well for us. Only 30 steps from the beach, time is limited so there’s no need to worry about food. We check the kids’ blood sugars, disconnect their insulin pumps and put them in the cooler, and we bring the towels and sand toys down to the water.

It is convenient. But I like South Beach Pavilion for a different reason.

Just for an hour my sons can run into the water freely without caring about their insulin pumps.

Just for an hour they can play in the sand without worrying about damaging these $5000 pieces of equipment which are their life support.

Just for an hour they can play without watching everyone gather for picnics with tons of food.

Just for an hour Sam can go over to a group of older boys and play beach soccer without having them look at him strangely and ask him why he wears a fanny pack containing his pump.

Just for an hour my children can build castles, play volleyball, splash around with other kids and not have to think about their diabetes.

And just for an hour my husband and I can relax, listen to the kids squeal as they jump into the cold ocean water, chase seagulls, and pick up shells

Just for an hour we can sit quietly, watching this ocean scene, care- free, phone-free for this hour. No need to explain to anyone that in this time-limited perfect setting, we have absolutely no doubt in our minds that we are by far the HAPPIEST people on the beach.

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  1. We are parents of a Type 1 Diabetic son, who is now 47. He has lived with it since he’s 9. We thought diabetes would be cured years and years ago. True there have been inroads, but so far, no cure, no way to prevent it. We are with you on this journey, and we hope your children and our son will some day be cured. Ruth and Fred Greenwald

  2. I think everyone could benefit from living life in one hour chunks. You have a beautiful family tremendous spirit and grace. I wish you all the best in your journey…

  3. I totally relate to this on every level. My son Noah was diagnosed at 21 months and is now 14. We have spent many a summer/winter carrying extra supplies and life support as you so perfectly describe it, to the beach/pool or sledding hill. I am not sure we ever really got an hour at any of those places but I must say at 14, Noah is incredibly independent very self aware and open about his Diabetes and a wonderful teacher to his friends/classmates and fellow campers. I wish my adult patients with Type 1 Diabetes were 1/2 as knowledgable and responsible.

  4. Amazing-brought me to tears because I can relate to this so well. My son is 5 and diagnosed a little over 6 months ago. I love hearing other stories.

    • I appreciate your comments. 6 months in is still so raw. I encourage you to have patience with yourself as you face the challenges that diabetes prevents, and know that these challenges bring your family closer and allow you to enjoy each milestone even more.

  5. Oh my God ! I was so glad when I met you today, finally someone that understands what I go through with my son, you blog it’s amazing all I can say to you is thank you !thank you !thank you! Diego is Very exited to one day meet your sons

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