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In Boca Raton, where Palmetto Park Drive meets the ocean, there is a small town beach called South Beach Pavilion. There is a circular parking lot with muni meters so you can stay for only one hour. Although this may seem too short for many people, it works well for us. Only 30 steps from the beach, time is limited so there’s no need to worry about food. We check the kids’ blood sugars, disconnect their insulin pumps and put them in the cooler, and we bring the towels and sand toys down to the water.

It is convenient. But I like South Beach Pavilion for a different reason.

Just for an hour my sons can run into the water freely without caring about their insulin pumps.

Just for an hour they can play in the sand without worrying about damaging these $5000 pieces of equipment which are their life support.

Just for an hour they can play without watching everyone gather for picnics with tons of food.

Just for an hour Sam can go over to a group of older boys and play beach soccer without having them look at him strangely and ask him why he wears a fanny pack containing his pump.

Just for an hour my children can build castles, play volleyball, splash around with other kids and not have to think about their diabetes.

And just for an hour my husband and I can relax, listen to the kids squeal as they jump into the cold ocean water, chase seagulls, and pick up shells


Just for an hour we can sit quietly, watching this ocean scene, care- free, phone-free for this hour. No need to explain to anyone that in this time-limited perfect setting, we have absolutely no doubt in our minds that we are by far the HAPPIEST people on the beach.

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  1. This is so poetic and visceral, I really feel I experienced a moment of YOUR time. Thank you for sharing this multi-sensory piece. I look forward to more.

  2. Wonderful post! Congratulations on the ;launch of your blog. Looks great and I LOVE the ocean so much that your descriptive post had me almost smelling the saltwater. Good job. I will look forward to reading more.

  3. I loved this post! I could feel you relax while you watched your children at the beach. I look forward to following you!

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging and wonderful comments. The ultimate praise from a former patient I cared for.

  5. Beautiful words from a beautiful person. May G-d bless you and your wonderful boys. Maybe there will be a cure in the near future.

  6. For once, the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is completely false. What depicts a lovely scene that so many of us take for granted, becomes emotionally charged with the impact of your thoughtful words. I look forward to more, and would like to add my prayers to Robin’s!

  7. You are truly an amazing woman, Debbie! Talented physician, loving and patient mother, warm and caring friend, and now we get to add gifted writer to that long list of attributes. I am so looking forward to reading your future entries. Enjoy the journey and thanks for allowing us readers to come along with you.

  8. That was so beautiful Debbie. Your words brought tears to my eyes. I can see why that post is one of your favorites.

  9. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I having been reading them from the top (most recent first)…. Then I got to read this one – and it had me tearing up. Beautiful.

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