Mission Statement

“Well thank goodness you are a pediatrician.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…

My lifelong passion is caring for children. I work with young patients and their families, share their milestones, treat and help them cope with both acute and chronic diseases. Imagine my joy as a first-year pediatrician saving the lives of newborn triplets in respiratory distress and then getting to watch them grow and develop over the next decade.

Within the past five years, my own three young children have been diagnosed with celiac disease, two of whom also have Type 1 diabetes. These life-altering diagnoses, combined with a sprinkling of food allergies, torn ligaments, and swine flu, have ROCKED our world. As a pediatrician, a career spent taking overnight call from worried parents is wearing. But caring for two diabetic children 24/7, 365? Relentless and unforgiving. At best, it is a lifetime of hypervigilance.

Yet, I am inspired by my three spirited boys each and every day… Although their days are complicated by wide swings in blood sugar and food restrictions, they embrace life with a combination of enthusiasm and mischief that keeps us smiling through our frustrations.

Sometimes, during the most intense moments, my husband and I find ourselves laughing out loud. You see, we have learned that humor and love can pull us up from the trenches and bring us closer to the sunlight.

As a pediatrician, my passion has been to improve the lives of all children and their families. However, over the past several years I have needed to turn that focus inward in order to keep my own family healthy. At the same time, I started to feel isolated as I began dealing with the overwhelming issues of being a mom of kids with life-threatening conditions.

Through these years of medical and emotional frenzy, I have developed the strength and desire to once again help others. Recently I found myself helping a friend when her young daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. I recognized the feelings that were all too familiar to me: shock, grief, stress, anger, and the adjustment to a new normal. The challenges that many families face have strengthened our family and we are able to enjoy our lives with gratitude and vigor. I am now eager to share our journey with others.

My desire is to show you scenes from our roller coaster life, and together we can learn a little, cry a little, and laugh a lot.

Thank you for reading. I plan to post weekly, or as often as I can find the peace and quiet to do some reflecting and writing. Your comments will be so welcome.


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3 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. This is a beautiful expression of your knowledge and daily dealings with chronic illnesses that our poor children must endure as well as each one of us who support them.

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