Dr. Debra Etelson is a pediatrician living in Westchester County with her husband and 3 sons ages  7, 11 and 13. All 3 children have celiac disease and two have Type 1 diabetes as well. They need constant, round-the –clock medical attention. In addition to her three “patients” at home, Debra now works at Pediatric Associates of Southern Westchester, a private practice in New Rochelle.

After completing her residency at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Debra worked in the pediatric faculty practice of New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY and on the inpatient wards of Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital for 10 years. She continues to be a voluntary Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the College. Debra has a special interest in childhood obesity and has published and presented academic papers on the subject.

As a Board Member of the Westchester County JDRF and Co-chair of Outreach and Government Relations Committee, Dr. Etelson has been helping educate families with new-onset diabetes as well as raising funds for research.

When she is not balancing carbohydrate counts with insulin doses and checking blood sugars or cooking gluten-free foods, Dr. Etelson enjoys yoga, music, and kick-boxing,