Who Rescued Who?

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This is my favorite bumper sticker. I am not an animal rights activist. I have never been to an animal shelter. I am allergic to most domesticated animals with the exception of a few dog breeds. Still, I would not hesitate for a moment to discuss the merits of owning a pet. As a child, I begged my parents for years to get me a dog, and they brought one home for my tenth birthday.  As it turns out, she was a relatively unfriendly schnauzer who we couldn’t keep after she bit and drew blood from a few family members. From that point on, I needed to be satisfied with loving dogs from afar.

About a month after my older son was diagnosed with diabetes at age 9, my husband Adam suggested we get a dog. He had recently been taking the kids to the pet store to play with the puppies and saw how much they enjoyed it. My son was depressed about his diabetes diagnosis. He knew how diabetes impacted our family when his younger brother was diagnosed a few years previously. He HATED the fact that he too would have to deal with wide blood sugar swings, test his BG 12-15x daily, balance insulin dosages, and carefully monitor his already restricted GF and tree –nut free diet. A dog would bring love and distraction into our lives.

At first, I objected outright. Let’s face it; I was also depressed and angry about his diagnosis. Knowing how to manage diabetes in one child doesn’t make it any easier to have two. In fact, the responsibility increases exponentially: more details to remember, more emotions and worry, and more equipment to carry. Why on earth would we want to add a dog?

Adam acted strategically.  He brought me to the puppy store, where the woman brought out a beautiful chocolate brown whoodle (wheaten terrier and poodle, both hypoallergenic). My friend also had a whoodle, and we had spent a lot of time at their house. My son had slept over a few times and so we knew he wasn’t allergic.  As soon as I held the dark furry bundle in my arms, my face broke into an ear-splitting grin, perhaps my first genuine smile in a month. My entire body relaxed. Adam took photos of me with his phone and showed them to me daily to remind me of how happy I was while holding her. We brought Pepper home a few weeks later. Sam had expressed how a dog would make him happy, Leo begged endlessly and the timing coincided with his 3rd birthday. Ben was an animal lover so there no question how he felt.

Just to clarify, I realize we didn’t “rescue” her from the pet store, though I don’t know what happens to pet store dogs that remain unsold for 4 months. The timing was important, and we needed to know the specifics about the breed of dog we were getting. This information is not always available with a dog rescue. I knew that it would be hard, and any dog owner could appreciate this. More responsibility: feeding, walking, training, cleaning. With the exception of one or two friends, everyone thought we were CRAZY, shaking their heads in disbelief when they heard.  They were concerned that we were overwhelmed (which we were) and they were trying to protect us. Our pulmonologist (whom I have known for 25 years) was surprised that “someone who takes such meticulous medical care of her family” made this impulsive decision without consulting him. In truth, I was afraid he would discourage us, and I didn’t want any more disappointment.

Why now? A friend whose dog had recently died supported our decision, “Yes, it will be hard. But a dog can bring love and happiness into a home like nothing else can.” Over the past several years, our family had been through a lot. Although we could monitor the medical conditions (diabetes, celiac, growth hormone deficiency, food allergies), we certainly didn’t expect or welcome them.  Bringing Pepper into our home was a decision we could make. It felt good to make this choice.

We celebrate Pepper’s 4th birthday this week. There is no question as to “Who Rescued Who”. Each of us loves and is loved by Pepper in our own way. She is the first one to greet me when I enter the house and tilts her head sadly when I leave, her soulful brown eyes begging me to return soon. The boys argue over whose bed she will sleep in each night. She is a perfect combination of a coach potato when we want to relax inside, and she runs and jumps with the boys to share their excitement when they play.  Happy Birthday Pepper and thank you for the love, warmth and spirit you have brought into our home.  You were one of the best decisions we have made.   We know how lucky we are to have you.